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“Sacred sexuality practice is an important part of my life and I really like the way Janelle and Rob write about it.” – Jillian S.

“Any couple that genuinely attempts a few of these challenges – as long as they can bring a healthy sense of humour and some open-mindedness to the table, which is vital for any successful partnership anyway – should find their relationship and sex life strengthened and have a lot of fun in the bargain (at the very least). If you have a sense that there’s more to sex than you were taught in sex ed; if you’d like to see if shagging can *really* blow your mind, or if you’re already interested in working with sexual energy and want some interesting variations and pointers, give this book a try.” – Robin Sweet writing for Cliterati

5 Stars - "I read this book with my partner and we both absolutely loved it. The advice is written in a very easy to understand format that has an almost conversational-lik undertone. The challenges are also really unique and creative...very effective, professional and clearly thought out. I'm very happy with the read and look forward to putting some of the adventure ideas into practice. Highly recommended." - Lucidity - Amazon review

5 Stars - " interesting book that was informative and gave me some ideas...wonderful job of writing about a subject that is sometimes thought of as a subject we should not be writing about. I would recommend this book to any couple." - Betty Johnson via Amazon

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A mix of the practical and the woo woo. A mix of sexiness, seriousness, and hilarity.

A place where you can discover there is no such thing as normal - instead YOU get to define your relationship and your sex life.

It’s intimate. It’s fun + playful. It’s spiritual + metaphysical. It’s sexy. It’s magic!

"Very interesting and informative. A lot of advice to help couples have better relationships." - Dr. Thomas O'Grady, Ph.D.

"Listened to only 2 episodes so far and I can't get enough. This one is on the short list!" - Nick

"I listen to this podcast with my notepad out." - iTunes subscriber: Chimichanga Superstar

"Wayyyy cool! Thrilling relationship ideas." - Podcast

"I absolutely love the concept behind the show - a lot of fun. Both Rob and Janelle have an excellent relationship and set of conversational give and take. They offer solid advice but also honest and open-minded conversation." - Kip Clark

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Transcendent Lovemaking

Transcendent Lovemaking

Are you ready to experience lovemaking like never before?

Are you ready to go on a sacred and mystical journey together with your lover?

Do you want to create a deeper connection with your partner?

Do you want to experience the most amazing sex while enhancing your intimacy?

You want hot-rip-your-clothes-off sex and you want deep soulful lovemaking?

This is the right place!

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