Safety First During Road Trips

December 15, 2016

Safety First During Road Trips

A common error amongst first time drivers, or those who are behind the wheel to make their living, is searching for cheaper quotes for car insurance. A lot of owners tend to just settle for what they can find in a hurry. This can seriously dent your bank balance in the long-term. When the time comes to renew your coverage, start the preparation of shopping around for a cheaper deal. It can all be done online, or in a few phone calls so you won’t be waiting around while making your final decision.

The first option you can try is using an online comparison for car insurance. This will help you see the exact different between two or more rival companies. Just make sure you read all the fine print, remember one deal may seem cheaper but the cover could be limited, check out every detail before reaching an agreement. If you are the only driver then specify this on your policy, don’t be mistaken for having the rest of your family insured in the contract. If your considering adding your son or daughter then remember this will raise your rates, younger drivers tend to pay the higher premiums.

Certain cars can raise your rates higher than ever. If your thinking of trading in your old motor before you purchase some car insurance then research the rates before you buy. The size of the engine will be a big factor, always choose smaller to save you cash in insurance, and also your petrol bills. Just because you feel it might have more power means nothing if you happen to be broke at the end of each month. Another excellent tip is to search long before your due a renewal. Last minute buyers tend to pay a lot more annually, be smart and look in advance.

Here’s a hidden secret sales representatives don’t want you to know, certain occupations and titles will automatically make you pay the higher premiums. Students for example are considered more reckless and therefore pay the highest, managers pay more than clerical staff, the same rule applies for all industries. Be honest about your wage but be careful you don’t sell yourself short financially. If your a part time worker, or unemployed then be honest also. It could save you a few hundred each year on your insurance, that will be a big stress relief.





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