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Tetracycline is a catalytic dehalogenation of chlortetracycline biosynthesis of antibiotics, low toxicity, which began early in 1948 for clinical use. In 1950, there have been reports of foreign tetracycline family of drugs caused by tooth color; subsequently have reported tetracycline deposited in teeth, bones and even the nails, etc., but also cause enamel hypoplasia. In this regard, the domestic side until the mid-1970s attention.

1 visible light composite resin restoration method can refer to the treatment of
dental suppliesfluorosis, but only rubbed the labial enamel 0.1mm or teeth, because tetracycline stained mainly in the dentin, enamel layer if rubbed too much, or even the exposed dentin not only increase the background, and seriously affect the adhesion firmness. For severe tetracycline stained teeth due to mask poor results with this method is not satisfactory.

2 bleaching method can be tested in those not associated with enamel defects. Within the law and can be exceptionally bleaching and French.

(1) outside the bleaching method: clean the tooth surface, gingival coated with Vaseline; to 30% hydrogen peroxide soaked in liquid smoke drugs in the anterior lip sticking paper surface, and the gingival margin should be left a little distance; infrared or incandescent light for 10 minutes; a course of 5 to 8 times. Experiments show: Law not to external bleaching on dentin have been colored with a fluorescent weakened, but the naked eye, tooth color has improved, generally 0.5 to 1 year after the tooth color can be restored. Due to the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution, can demineralization of enamel etching, was chalk color, reducing the transparency of the original enamel, dentin that has been colored to reflect the degree of reduction; Over time, enamel remineralization; transparency increase in color and recovery, namely the so-called color, an important reason for the rebound.

(2) bleaching within the law: that is the purpose of bleaching pulp line of excision, according to routine dental pulp after removal, the root canal endodontic filling material down to the neck 2 ~ 3mm, bleaching in the pulp chamber sealed at 30% off hydrogen peroxide solution or 30% oxygen peroxide and sodium borate solution transferred into a air polisher paste. 1 dressing change every 3 days, about 4 to 6 times; satisfied when the color with composite resin cavity. This method can effectively remove or change the original combination of tetracycline in the dentin of the content, the fluorescence levels were significantly lower, the clinical results are very satisfactory. Due to professional relationship, accompanied by the urgent requirements of aesthetics without enamel defects, could try this method. The disadvantage is that non-vital teeth as dental pulp. Although reliable short-term effect of its long-term efficacy remains to be seen.

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