New and Improved Ways To Prevent Cavities

December 4, 2018

New and Improved Ways To Prevent Cavities

Today we have better cavity prevention techniques than at any other time in the history of dentistry. However we still battle genetics, virulent bacteria, and foods with more sugar than ever before. This means cavities can appear out of nowhere and surprise dentists and patients alike. Patients who were cavity free at their last checkup could now have multiple new areas of decay! Here’s what it includes:

1.Risk Assessment: All patients will be asked a series of 10 questions to gauge their risk at getting new cavities.

2. The CariScreen Cavity Susceptibility Tester: A simple one minute chair-side bacterial test to assess patients’ caries (cavities) risk. The CariScreen uses ATP bioluminescence to identify oral bacterial load. This is cutting edge technology that will help us identify potential decay before it actually happens. If you’d like to be tested at your next visit, just ask!

3. Treatment Kits: For those at high risk as determined by the Risk assessment and/or CariScreen Tester

  • Toothpaste: A special toothpaste with a mineral called Calcium Phosphate to help strengthen and rebuild teeth (available with and without fluoride).
  • Mouth rinse: Special mouth rinses with fluoride that can also help re-mineralize weakened teeth.
  • Xylitol Candies & Mints: Xylitol is a special herbal sugar and when eaten in proper doses, can prevent bad bacteria from being able to cause cavities for 3 months! It tastes great (no bad aftertaste) and is great for your teeth too! This is the only time you’ll ever see us recommending candy.
  • Probiotics: To help develop the good bacteria in your mouth, at the expense of the damaging bacteria.

A patient recently started this program and within SIX MONTHS his bacteria levels dropped from 5800 to less than 900!! A “good” bacteria level is 1500; these are the amazing results and will help maintain healthy teeth and gums! Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; ask us for more information to help improve your oral health!

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