Posted by on January 10, 2017

  • Feel sexy and confident is key to creating success in all areas of your life.
  • 7 tips to help you tap into your sexual energy and confidence starting in the morning
    • Find a mirror and tell yourself, “I’m damn sexy.” “I look good today.”
    • Dress for success – dress so you feel sexy and confident.
    • Dance, workout, do yoga, go cycling, whatever works for you.
    • Give more attention to your goodbye kiss to your partner.
    • Make love in the morning.
    • Have a healthy breakfast.
    • Create a sticky note plan.
  • Karly Stein talks this week on Monday about Dating, Mating and Relating as well as “research and development” in your bedroom!  Oooohhhh.
  • We’ll be sharing with you Wednesday about what to do if you’re too tired for lovemaking.
  • Make sure you listen to Frisky Friday this week as we share about Big Teaze Toys – I Rub My Duckie ?
  • And, improve your kisses – why?  Watch this short video.  You can easily apply it to your long-term relationship and turn your daily kisses into those first time kisses
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